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Odds are, if you have ever flushed a toilet or used a sink, you experienced a drain clog. Clogged drains affect most Dana Point homeowners at some time or another. When your shower forms pools of water due to a slow drain or you're up to your elbows in dirty, slow-draining dishwater, it is likely due to a serious clog.

We subject our drains to all kinds of materials including hair, dirt, food refuse and countless other debris. With time, these particles fuse together and cling to the insides of your drain line. This is true for shower, bathtub and sink drains. No matter where your clog is or what the size, rest assured that we can clear it for you.

Common Drain Problems:

Drain Cleaning and repair job in dana point, CA

The moment it becomes obvious that the drain is clogged, most homeowners don't hesitate to reach for a store-bought, do-it-yourself liquid drain cleaners. Not only do these products expose users to potentially harmful chemicals and their fumes, they are also not the most effective tool for the job. They can be of some use if used repeatedly, but by then, your drain pipes are damaged with corrosion from the overly abrasive chemicals in the formula.

We've got a better idea: rather than constantly doing battle with the same clog over and over, just give our experts a call. Our team of licensed pros have the proper equipment and skills to penetrate your pipes and alleviate any obstructions licensed Dana Point plumbers have the tools and skills to get into your drain line and clear it of whatever obstruction may be preventing it from draining properly. We'll get the job done right the first time, every time.

However, odors can also be caused by a sewer trap that is stuck open. If this is the case, we will figure out why your trap is not closing properly and repair the problem so that harmful sewage gases are kept out of your home.

While it's true that your bathroom is no stranger to unpleasant smells, if they linger around the without fading, there's a chance you could have a drainage problem. Sewage could be building up in your toilet pipes, you could have a sewage trap that won't close, or food could be decaying in your kitchen sink. Whatever the case may be, we can help. We can clear the old clogs and debris, repair your sewage trap, and free your home from pesky clogs and odorous sewage gases for good.

Sewer Hydro-jetting

For minor drain obstructions such as small toys or modest clogs, traditional plumbing snakes work fine. However, for tough obstructions like large clogs or even tree roots, our cutting-edge hydro-jetting service can't be beaten. We use highly pressurized water to sweep and debris from a drain pipe's interior. The water scours the pipes clean, blasting through deposits and soft blockages. The result is drain pipes almost as clean as the day they were installed. Original diameter is nearly restored, water flows freely again and your home is odor-free once again.

Hydro-jetting is a great choice for clogged drains, but only if your drains are strong enough to handle it. Our experts will use diagnostic tools to check the integrity of your drains to see if they are strong enough to sustain high-pressure cleaning. We have the tools to get the job done regardless of the age or condition of your pipes.

We’re Your Dana Point Drain Cleaning and Clearing Experts!

We have the expertise to tackle any drainage problem you may have. Regardless of the size of the clog or the strength of the stench, we've got you covered! There is no clog too big for us to clear, and we have a solution for even the foulest of odors.

Clogs can fester and get worse if you don't act quickly. Contact us right away, and get your drain taken care of fast. Use or online instant booking widget to set an appointment lightning-fast!

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Require help? Call: (323) 705-6229. We're always at the ready to answer any drain-related questions you may have. Make an appointment by phone, contact us here, or complete the appointment form.

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